Monday, May 14, 2012

I can't stop.

So, we are in the midst of packing. It's going slowly, but, we have just under 3 weeks until moving day.
Most of my Pyrex is packed or wrapped waiting to be packed.

I've been trying to stay away from thrift stores in fear that I'll find things to buy, which would mean more packing. But, I'm sure as you all know it's not easy to stay away. It doesn't help that I have a goodwill mere minutes from my house. Not only that, but, after months of having terrible luck with finding Pyrex but, over the last few days it's picked up again in a great way!

I found these three in the last few days.
The Butterprint 401 was 4.04 at a GW, I already had it but, I can't pass up Butterprint.
The mug was 0.99¢ at the same store and I found the snowflake blue fridgie today for 2.02. They all came from my local goodwill where I NEVER find anything.

My Boyfriend and I took a little day trip to Niagara Falls the other weekend and stopped at a ton of thrift stores on the way down there. I found all these. Not the cheapest Pyrex ever, but I was happy to find them all. Spring blossom is one of my favourite patterns and I "needed" these two pieces, especially the fridgie!
Not a huge fan of the autumn harvest pattern but, my boyfriend took a shine to it, so, of course I bought it for him! He's never been a big fan of my pyrex obsession so, anytime he takes a liking to something I give in.

This was my best find perhaps of all time. I've never found snowflakes in the wild. So, I was out trying to use my 30% off card at Value Village. There's a spot near my house where there is a Value Village, Talize, Goodwill and Salvation Army all on different corners of the intersection. It's one of my favourite thrifting locations. So, I went into the VV and Talize and found nothing. They had 9 pieces of Pyrex in the Talize, all of which were very DWD. I wasn't planning on going to Goodwill, but, I didn't change lanes fast enough so, I was stuck going right and figured I'd stop in. It was half price day, so, I didn't high hopes. I went in and of course went straight to the housewares. I wandered along, and TADA! it was just sitting there on the shelf. There was a woman standing almost right in front of it, I almost pushed her out of the way to get to it. She gave me a funny look because I moved so fast. HAHA. Oh well, I still came out on top.
Oh, and I forgot to tell you what I paid! Get ready... 2.02! waahoo!

It should be a good rest of the week, I've got a trade coming in the mail from Alberta. A charcoal snowflake spacesaver and a square flowers fridgie with lid! So excited! Cross your fingers that they make it one piece!
Well, that's all for now, haven't found much else.
Hopefully things continue to run smoothly with the new house, We are pretty lucky because there is absolutely nothing that we have to do to it, except maybe paint. I want to paint a room (probably the kitchen) Pyrex turquoise. My boy isn't too thrilled about that choice. He's such an Eeyore.

Happy Trails!


  1. I love that little snowflake fridgie! Fridgies are probably my most coveted piece - pattern be damned!

  2. I love fridgies of any kind!!

    You found some great pieces!