Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Finding my groove.

I've been trying to find my groove with this whole blogging thing.
It's proved harder than I thought.

Thrifting has been a little slow lately. I've had to take a few months off, which didn't help things. My boyfriend and I were looking to buy a house so, I was busy with all that. We spent many weekends and evenings looking at houses. Some nice, some that needed a fairy godmother. All in all, we eventually won a bidding war and we move into our new house on June 1st!
The other day I went driving around the neighbourhood and discovered a Goodwill a mere 4 minute drive from the house! So, I popped in, with low expectations but, I scored!!
The Butterprint is a double and is promised to my cousins. The Butterfly Gold is a double so it's for trade.

$3.53 and it completes my set!
 I went by an estate sale and found a McCoy pot, and some great plates.
Then, I swung by a Goodwill and happened across these gems. I paid a bit too much for the teapot, $18 but, I figure it's less than I would have paid at an antique store and it's so darn cute! Also grabbed this Fireking pie plate with the original sticker!

Now, I have a few questions...
My new house has a gas stove, what are your recommendations for using Pyrex Flameware on a gas stove? Is it safe for the Pyrex?

And, I found this today at a Value Village for 2.99.
I've seen it before at Antique stores anywhere from $12 to $30
It has no markings, but, can anyone tell me anything about it?

Thanks for stopping by!
Happy thrifting!
<3 Lulu


  1. Hi! I popped over from Tumble Fish Studios blog. I've just been perusing your blogs. Looks like you got some great deals! My mom and I frequent thrift stores, Habitat Restores and Goodwill's regularly. It's always a thrill to make a find! Matter of fact she is getting ready to open her etsy shop with some of her finds. Gives her retail therapy and fun at the same time. Maybe a little pocket change for the next treasure hunt.

  2. Great finds! I think that cookie/biscuit jar was made by Hazel Atlas but I'm not positive.

  3. Hi! I just read your blog on Pyrex Collective II. I want those blue fridgies...too cool. I get your "Thrift Thrill". I was reading your other post about no one getting it. I love to go in a thrift store and find something forgotten from the past. I am on Pyrex collective III and my blog is