Saturday, August 4, 2012

Worst Blogger Ever.

I am officially the worst blogger ever.

It's true.
It's been months since my last post. I don't even have a good excuse. 6 weeks ago I fell off my horse and broke my pelvis. It was certainly my own fault. Digby, my main man was not acting out of character, he was just having fun and I panicked completely unnecessarily. I fell and landed on the cement mounting block. Ouch. Luckily I was wearing my helmet - I never get on a horse without one. A week ago they told me I needed surgery to correct the alignment of the bones. That's five weeks into my healing they tell me they need to basically injure me again to reset the bones. So, here I am with another 6 - 8 weeks of healing time. Great.
Thankfully, I have the most amazing boyfriend who is waiting on me hand and foot and putting up with all my particulars. He's even taken me to a thrift store almost every weekend.

Here are some of my favourite things recently.

                                                                                                           Photo from here

This adorable Mikasa pattern. I must have it!!! It's called Blue Bird. I will now hunt it down.


                                                                  Photo from here

I found this adorable enamel bowl at a Value Village today. Normally I'm not one for enamel bowls like Catherine Holm and other similar things. I just fell in love with the mushrooms on this. One of them even looks like a broccoli floret. So cute!

                                                                Photo from here

Saw this stand mixer at an antique mall near my barn a while ago. I should have bought it for the $75.00 but passed. Now it haunts me.

Now, just for fun. A few months ago my Dad took part in a customer appreciation thing at a racetrack. Here's a photo of us off to race around the track in his miata. It was so much fun!

Happy Trails!!

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